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State-of-the-Art, Carrier-Class Fixed Wireless Network

Since 1999, Towerstream has owned and operated a state-of-the-art carrier class Fixed Wireless Network using the most advanced millimeter wave technology. Spanning 12 major US markets, Towerstream’s Fixed Wireless Internet Network, with a gigabit mesh Ethernet Backbone 800 feet above the city, does not rely on the local exchange and bypasses the local loop. Terrestrial diversity allows Towerstream to provide independent and truly redundant internet connections with bandwidth options from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.

Network Infrastructure


Metro local loop access
within 4 miles of our PoPs


within 4 miles of PoPs that we can deliver service to in 30 days or less


and growing in 12 US markets


Serving centers
located on the tops of the largest buildings in 12 US markets

The Towerstream Fixed Wireless Advantage

Rapid Installation
Installation to 392K buildings in 25 days or less.

Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime backed by our industry leading SLA.

Upgrade with a single call to accommodate your increased bandwidth demands.

Faster Than Fiber
Microwave signals travel through the air about 50% faster than light through optical fiber.

True Redundancy
We operate a duplicate system that functions in case of system failure.

Symmetrical Speeds
Unlike some of our competitors, our throughput is always bi-directional.