The Palms Hotel & Spa

Offering enough bandwidth during peak season, at an affordable price, to meet traveler’s Internet needs. Each year, the demand for Internet continues to spike. Today travelers require more bandwidth. At one time guests were using the Internet connection to check e-mail messages and web surfing. Guests are now streaming video, logging into chat rooms, and connecting to their home office putting more of a demand on bandwidth. According to Joan Rowland, Director of IT for both hotels, their fractional 1.5Mbps connection was just not enough. During peak weeks, employees and guests experienced Internet gridlock ultimately maxing out bandwidth and slowing down speed. Joan knew it was time to install additional bandwidth, but finding affordable service with scalable   features for peak weeks would be a challenge.

Scalable bandwidth on demand at a low price. Joan first upgraded the Circa 39 property’s fractional T service to 3Mbps. She intended to move to a full T1 connection, when the 3Mbps solution caught her attention. The price was a far better deal than most other companies T1 rates. Impressed by the service that Circa 39 was receiving, it was an easy decision to make the switch to Towerstream. When both hotels were up and running on Towerstream’s network, Joan described the connection between the two properties and their consultant management company as seamless. Most recently the Palms Hotel & Spa had Towerstream provide high-speed Internet for all their guest rooms. This guarantees a reliable, fast and secure connection for all vacationing and business travelers. More importantly   Towerstream’s service features scalability. Bandwidth can be increased with just a phone call during high-occupancy periods. Initially Joan was attracted to the low price that Towerstream offered but the features of their 4G technology have given the Palms Hotel & Spa and Circa 39 Hotel a competitive edge.