Going Green with the Cloud
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Going Green with the Cloud

Cloud computing is something we talk about a lot here in the Towerstream offices.  Although it’s not directly a part of our business, we’re very much aware of the future potential it offers our customers – and all businesses, in fact.  The technology will enable businesses to adopt intelligent online services that will benefit both their business models and business operations.  As a wireless provider, we always strive to look as far into the future as possible to ensure each of our networks can not only handle today’s business demands but are prepared for what businesses will need in the future.

Joe Weinman from GigaOM recently wrote a great article on cloud computing that makes some great points for businesses to consider called “Compelling Cases for Cloud Computing.”

Joe’s piece brings me to my next point.  One of the main arguments for cloud computing, aside from the business benefits, is that it’s environmentally sound.  Creating central servers can lower the carbon footprint drastically while enhancing productivity.  As a wireless company, the green movement is always top of our mind.  By the very the nature of our wireless model, we play a part in the green movement by not placing wires into the ground or digging on a massive scale to lay fiber.  In fact, we even make a point when evaluating vendors to ensure they share our commitment to being more environmentally friendly.

Wireless Week’s Maisie Ramsay wrote a related piece this week taking a look at an initiative by the GSMA and the private sector arm of the World Bank to launch a program designed to power off-grid wireless networks with renewable energy.  We commend this action and look forward to hearing more about it in the coming months.

Of course, the move to cloud computing requires added network bandwidth as more and more of an organization’s employees are accessing more and more data online.  Towerstream has worked with many businesses across the country, bringing them to the cloud in a cost effective AND green way!

I would be interested to hear additional views on cloud computing and the wireless industry’s commitment to being more green.

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